Wireless Water Hammer Capture

Added 18 Jul 2018 by Leah Wilson – Venturi

The Trimble Telog HPR-32iA is the ideal solution for capturing pressure transients and impulse events that cause water hammer and impact asset performance and operations. It is also wireless, user programmable, and battery operated.

Water Challenges:
• Leakage and main bursts due to high pressure and pressure transients
• Low pressure/loss of pressure causes back flow, introducing contaminants into the water system
• Customer high and low pressure supply concerns
• Accurate pressure data to calibrate hydraulic models
• Rising energy and pumping costs
• Adequate pressure for fire prevention
Water Hammer and Pressure Monitoring Made Simple. Trimble Unity software combined with Telog wireless, battery-powered transient recorders provide a GIS-centric cloud and mobile platform for capturing pressure transient data, monitoring system pressures and trends, min, max and average pressure history at any user defined interval. Transient recorders can store data internally for many months and wirelessly transmit on a defined schedule or in response to pressure faults or transients, delivering a complete solution for proactive pressure and leakage monitoring and management.