Viridian logic's ecosystem services modelling

Added 15 May 2017 by Lorenzo Menin – Venturi

Viridian provides modelling services for the assessment of ecosystem services, especially focussing on water environments within catchments.

Viridian’s models make use of sophisticated numerical approaches and geographical data to identify natural capital assets and suggest solutions for their protection and valorisation under a variety of scenarios.

Key applications include:
1. Natural flood management
2. Landscape planning
3. Natural capital valuation and accounting
4. Biodiversity compensation
5. Infrastructural options appraisal
6. Agricultural risk control

Viridian has enabled decision-making related to ecosystem services in several UK catchments since its launch at the end of 2016.

In the Wessenden Valley, West Yorkshire, Viridian models helped identity the best natural flood management (NFM) options under the constraint of twite habitats protection. Combining open datasets and local habitat maps, the relations between the local landscape and flood waters were identified through flow-modelling and habitat interaction algorithms. The results allowed mapping the best geographical distribution of new habitats, woodland and wetlands according to different sets of ecosystem services achievable.

In Warwickshire, Viridian helped evaluate options to manage flood impacts on the village of Fillongley and assess secondary benefits related to water flows. Based on existing research on the local conditions, Viridian’s model assessed the best locations for the implementation of holding ponds upstream of Fillongley, with the aim of minimising costs and engineering requirements. The analyses delivered described the solutions available under different levels of protection and indicated the top 10% interventions needed to deliver a set of ecosystem services.