Storm Harvester Limited

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StormHarvester is a new technology that allows flood prevention and rainwater harvesting infrastructure connect directly with highly accurate short to medium term rainfall forecast.

StormHarvester links civil infrastructure to a weather forecasting platform. This allows civil infrastructure to take action prior to heavy rainfall.We create ‘smart’ attenuation tanks which can be kept full between storm events. This allows their simultaneous use for both flood prevention and rainwater harvesting, reducing water demand and capital costs by up to 50%. Pumping stations can now be drained down prior to storm events, reducing pollution incidences from combined sewer overflows by up to 80%. StormHarvester was designed and developed through collaboration between specialist drainage engineers, leading engineering academics from Queens University, Belfast, and specialist software and electronics engineers. Our ‘smart’ drainage solutions are set to fundamentally disrupt traditional drainage design by reducing capital costs, water demand and pollution events.