Pipe-in-pipe fibre optics through existing pipe network

Added 5 Jul 2017 by Siraj Tahir – Venturi

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Atlantis Hydrotec® is a unique set of solutions using ‘pipe-in-a-pipe’ technology for enabling fibre-optic cable run to deliver connectivity via both water trunk main and home service water pipes.

Atlantic Hydrotec® solution allows a small-bore pipe to be inserted into the water pipe, this ‘messenger-pipe’ is made from approved water-grade HDPE. Special purpose approved materials fittings allow the safe, secure and pressure proofed entry/exit of the messenger-pipe to-and-from the water pipe. Communications cable is then inserted into the internal messenger pipe. The fibre-optic cable never comes into contact with the water, and carries data as pulses of light, so no electricity is involved
Benefits compared with traditional trenching of communications cable include :
- Minimal disruption & civil work
- Minimal risk of strikes to other services
- Highly cost effective
- Rapid installation

The system can provide in-house data links, monitoring and control, be used for distributed water pipe leak and asset intruder detection, and for providing a significant incremental and non-regulated income.