Next ScaleStop

Added 22 Dec 2017 by Lorenzo Menin – Venturi

Next ScaleStop is a proven alternative to ion exchange water softeners.

In independent public evaluations using the German DVGW testing protocol for scale prevention efficiency, Next ScaleStop achieved a 99.6% efficiency rating. The patented technology - known as Template Assisted Crystallisation (TAC) through a catalytic reaction, converts dissolved calcium and magnesium into microscopic inert crystals which travel downstream in colloidal suspension, thus preventing the formation of scale in boilers, heat exchangers and plumbing systems. ScaleStop has drinking water safety certifications NSF61 and BS6920 and is also WRAS approved.

Delivering equal efficiency to ion exchange water softeners, Next ScaleStop uses no salt or chemicals, does not require regeneration, and consequently does not discharge polluted waste water. This is a technology which requires no regular maintenance, has significantly lower capital cost and operating costs, zero water waste, zero discharge and zero negative environmental impact. Single tank systems are available up to 18m3/hour with larger flow demands serviced by installing tanks in parallel. Systems operate in continuous flow and require no electrical controls or connections. Regular maintenance is not required until a media change after 3 years in service.