Meter data management

Added 24 Jul 2018 by Simon Murray – Venturi

Wheatley are looking for a UK Water Company to collaborate on its vision for a new meter data management solution. Taking all types of meter data, revenue and non-revenue, gaining real insights and new ways of engaging with customers.

This is a vision for a completely new, software solution that can be a repository for all revenue and non-revenue meter data, including that from AMR and AMI technologies. Using advance data analytics and machine learning to derive real and valuable insights. To be developed around three principle focus area; information for a water company, information for customers and information for the community (open sourcing).

A water company can gain valuable insights from meter data; identifying leakage, engage with customer to reduce PCC and by adding other data such as population predict demand.
Customers can understand their consumption, predict bills and gain control.

A cloud based solution so information can be viewed on demand remotely and customer can be given access via apps.

Wheatley are looking for a UK Water Company to collaborate and invest in this project.