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MeasurIT Tideflex Mixing System

Added 5 May 2017 by Jo Lamont – Venturi

The passive Tideflex Mixing System (TMS) addresses overall water quality problems within finished water storage reservoirs and water tanks by eliminating stagnation and stratification, thus improving water quality.

By filling and draining from opposite sides of a water tank, the TMS ensures that all water is continually cycled. This eliminates the ‘last in, first out‘ problems experienced by most reservoirs which use a common inlet/outlet point, and thereby improves water quality. The TMS does not require maintenance and uses the energy of the fill and draw cycles to eliminate short-circuiting and achieve complete mixing, passively, without the need for an outside energy source.
CFD & scale modelling on all styles of storage tanks, including circular and rectangular reservoirs, standpipes, and dry and wet riser elevated tanks, has confirmed that multiple ports with variable orifice Tideflex Nozzles have proven to provide much more rapid mixing than a single inlet. The TMS has been validated to improve water quality by owner-conducted field sampling and monitoring of parameters such as temperature, residual, TTHM, HAAS, pH, DO, nitrites, nitrates, and HPC. For every tank, Tideflex Engineers determine the optimum TMS configuration and run Manifold Hydraulics Mixing Analysis Models.


Image © MeasurIT