Intermas GA ELIOT

Added 22 Dec 2017 by Lorenzo Menin – Venturi

The building division of the Intermas group manufactures extruded plastic meshes provides solutions through a broad range of products for signalling, detection and protection of buried networks.

GA ELIOT is a warning mesh equipped with ELIOT technology, allowing accurate detection and identification of buried networks.
This solution integrates an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag that is attached to a warning mesh in compliance with standard BS EN 12613, making the device detectable and identifiable. This “2 in 1” product is installed by contractors in exactly the same way as a traditional underground warning mesh.

Its main functions and benefits are:
- A simple and intuitive localisation that requires no training with an accurate precision to about one cm, down to a depth o 1.5m, with an instantaneous data display on the MMI screen.
- A simultaneous identification of all Eliot Tags located in the work area, in a single scan with a response time equivalent to a thousandth of a second that avoids confusion in case of networks near to each other.
- An integration of stored data using an association of the GPS coordinates of each point and integrated in any GIS.