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Innovative high performance adsorbent material

Added 26 Jul 2017 by Charlotte Fischer – Venturi

Bluecher has developed an innovative adsorbent material (AM) for micro-pollutant adsorption. The AM is formed from a defined spherical polymeric precursor material through a batch activation process that allows the production of defined pore structures.

The main application is the adsorption of micro-pollutants and pharmaceuticals from drinking water. The elimination of micro-pollutants provides an advantage over other technologies used (e.g. ozone, UV-radiation) since it avoids their chemical transformation and the potential creation of undesired pollutants. Further applications are, among others: waste water treatment, DOC-removal from ultrapure water and enrichment of valuable substances.The AM is "tailor-made" regarding the ratio of micro-, meso- and macro pores to target specific organics (especially halogenated organics). Furthermore, the AM is characterized by a high activation level and extremely high resistance to abrasion. It can be regenerated by thermal heat using high temperatures under inert atmosphere, with the first 10 regenerations showing little to no effect, neither on its performance nor on loss of AM. Further internal R&D work is addressing the development of a continuous counter-flow adsorber to exploit AM’s high kinetics and mechanical resistance. Due to the specific characteristics of AM the life cycle costs are lower than the ones of conventional activated carbon. Bluecher is aiming for implementing and further developing SARATECHs unique high tech water and air filtration solutions as part of the operating processes of water utilities and industries, worldwide. As a provider of complex tailor made filtration solutions, Bluecher improves the quality of drinking and process waters, contributes to the protection of water resources and expands the potential of waste waters re-use. Bluecher is continuously developing performing process technologies, such as their continuous counter flow adsorber, which allows for a closed loop of adsorption and multiple regenerations on-site.