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Hydrosense Real Time Legionella Monitoring

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The Hydrosense™ Field Test, unique smartphone app reader and the secure on line Logbook constitute the world’s first and only Real Time Legionella risk management system. The improved speed over traditional systems saves lives.

Hydrosense was developed by two chemists, who recognised that available methods of Legionella testing were slow and inaccurate. Having identified a niche in the market their objective was to develop a new system that can quickly find Legionella in water. Their research revealed that by using well-established lateral flow test technology they could quickly and accurately detect Legionella antigen in water. The result of their work was the Hydrosense Legionella field test.

The Hydrosense Legionella antigen test mimics tests used in hospitals to diagnose Legionnaires disease. This breakthrough technology has been optimised to detect Legionella antigen in all kinds of environmental water samples and all phases of the bug’s life cycle. It detects L. pneumophila serogroup 1 (LpSG1), the species of Legionella which has caused 88% of all cases of Legionnaire’s disease and has been responsible for all known outbreaks.

In addition, Hydrosense developed and patented the world’s first Smartphone based diagnostic test reader which reads and quantify test responses. By using the computing and video capability in the smart phone to compare the strength of the test line with the control line the app measures the amount of Legionella antigen present in the water system. It provides a user with a result on a scale 0-10. The app is also supported by a secure electronic Logbook, which enables users to track and monitor results and associated data.

The App reads the test more accurately than the human eye and has been further developed for a range of medical tests.


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