Fresh Water for Rural Areas

Added 3 Nov 2017 by Venturi Team – Venturi

FreshWaterMill is a 100% sustainable, fresh water and electricity generating sytem, powered by a high efficiency Hydro Driven Windmill, for on- and off grid situations

Freshwater Mill can be used to generate fresh water from sea water, brackish water, waste water, etc.

SolteQ-Hydro-Drive operated desalination process operates completely without fossil fuels and at high operational efficiency.
It is suitable for areas with sufficient wind and source of saline or brackish water as source, such as Islands, tourist resorts, delta’s, coastal areas, golf courses, etc.

One FreshWaterMill can generate between 50 m³/day – 800 m³/day or 0 – 200 kW electricity (at higher wind speeds).