Low Cost Greywater Recycling System

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Avon Water Systems have developed a novel low cost greywater recycling system utilising a filtration system that enables greywater to be used for toilet flushing without the need for a power supply

The system operates by gravity, without the need for a power supply. The process involves the collection of bath and shower water which is then filtered, disinfected and recycled with the greywater treatment for the use of toilet flushing.
The quantity of water used for hand basins, showers and baths is similar to that used for toilet flushing, in most buildings, the system could reduce the water consumption by 50%. Supply roughly equates to demand as each person is generating their own water. This technology leads to additional saving in energy over traditional greywater recycling systems and allows it to be used in isolated areas. The unit is suitable for domestic and commercial properties, in particular large occupancy or use buildings such as leisure complexes, caravan parks and halls of residence. The system has been trialled at Abertay University and HNWIS have been providing support in the development of the product.