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RainDropHarvest is probably the only gravity-fed rainwater harvesting system on the market.

environment & catchment

CCm Research

CCm Research has invented technology to use industrially segmented CO2 efficiently and to safely convert it into materials with a commercial value.

environment & catchment

OMO Flood Gate

One man operational flood protection gate

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environment & catchment

Self Activating Flood Barrier

The Self Activating Flood Barrier (SAFB) uses advancing flood waters to automatically raise the barrier.

environment & catchment

Smart rainwater harvesting and storm attenuation.

StormHarvester is a new technology that allows flood prevention and rainwater harvesting infrastructure connect directly with highly accurate short to medium term rainfall forecast.

environment & catchment

Viridian logic's ecosystem services modelling

Viridian provides modelling services for the assessment of ecosystem services, especially focussing on water environments within catchments.

environment & catchment


The Polystorm geocellular range is designed to provide retention, attenuation or infiltration at a variety of depths.

environment & catchment

Rain Activ.

Rain Activ delivers new industry low levels of discharge. With peak discharge rates as low as 0.05L/sec, the system provides drainage professionals with an exciting new source method to attenuate storm water at source.

environment & catchment

Klorigen On-Site Chlorine Gas/High Strength Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

Currently all water treatment facilities that utilise chlorine gas for chlorination potentially pose a huge risk to public safety

environment & catchment

Hydrosense Real Time Legionella Monitoring

The Hydrosense™ Field Test, unique smartphone app reader and the secure on line Logbook constitute the world’s first and only Real Time Legionella risk management system. The improved speed over traditional systems saves lives.

environment & catchment

Drenched Volumiser

The Volumiser replaces the aerator in the outlet of a water tap. In a normal tap you would use 2 litres of water in a hand wash. Using a Volumiser you could use as little as 0.035 litres.