About Venturi

What is Venturi

Venturi is a partnership between Arup and WRc – two firms renowned for innovation. Together, we want to speed up innovation adoption in the water sector.

Arup is a global design and engineering consultancy that takes an integrated approach to solving complex water management problems. Our extensive portfolio of work includes designing a critical new intake tunnel for Lake Mead in the US and a 10-year strategic partnership with Yorkshire Water in the UK.

WRc is a UK-based consultancy and an established innovation leader. It discovers and delivers new and exciting solutions that enable clients to meet future challenges. Among many other things, WRc has helped the water sector share ideas for managing leaks and assessed the effectiveness of catchment-sensitive farming.

Arup and WRc set up Venturi to spearhead innovation adoption in the global water sector, with a focus on creating a sustainable future and tackling real-world challenges. We want to make innovation easier, faster, and increase its impact.